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    Become a COSMO Advocate!
    Want to be an advocate for families, empower parents and caregivers, and keep kids safe? Then you're in the right place! We're a community of passionate parents, experts, advocates, and organizations on a mission together to build a better world for kids and families.

    Our COSMO Advocates receive:
    - Unique link & code for sharing
    - Special discounts to share with your network
    - Opportunities to earn income with each referral!
    - Resources & support from COSMO
    - Access to a community of other amazing advocates!

    Just complete this short form to get started!

    -- The COSMO Team

    COSMO Technologies

    Advocates Program Terms & Conditions

    Welcome to COSMO! We couldn’t be more excited to have you join the COSMO family and be a part of the mission to bring families closer together. We believe that families need safer, better solutions that keep kids safe and families connected. Please let us know if you have any questions at all. We love to help!


    All Affiliates must apply and be approved for the COSMO Advocates program. Once accepted, an Advocate will complete their profile and payment method and can use the Refersion portal to access information about COSMO, creative assets and materials, and a dashboard to track activity and conversion using their unique link/code.


    When you become a COSMO Advocate (herein either “COSMO advocate” or “affiliate”) you’ll receive a unique tracking link and create your own unique promo code that never expires. Baseline promo codes give your referrals 20% off a JrTrack 2 SE or JrTrack 3 Kids Smartwatch off otherwise agreed upon. Link cookies are set for a standard 30 day attribution period 

    • Example: if someone visits the COSMO site using your unique link, then 10 days later they return to make a purchase, that purchase will be attributed to you. This will be the case for a 30 day period for provided links.

    Occasionally, COSMO will run a specific site-wide promotion with a universal promo code. COSMO will notify affiliates of these promotional details ahead of the offer. In this case, referrals must be tracked through your unique affiliate link instead of your personal code.

    Discount codes/commissions are only applicable to COSMO JrTrack 2 SE or JrTrack 3 Kids Smartwatch; COSMO Membership plans, wrist bands, refurb/renewed JrTrack devices, etc. are NOT included.


    COSMO Advocates’ sales can be tracked via the Refersion dashboard (same as linked above). These reward structures may be customized depending on the individual or organization.

    The standard COSMO affiliate referral incentive structure is as follows;

    • Commission: $15 per code/link use on any JrTrack 3 smartwatch purchased

    • Discount: 20% off for any referee (when affiliate’s unique discount code is used)

    Commission payments are paid to Advocates via Paypal between the 10th and the 15th of each month for sales made in the previous month (e.g., March sales are paid in mid-April). Affiliates must have a valid Paypal account and completed entry of their payment information via the COSMO Advocates portal (Refersion) in order to receive compensation. Compensation may differ from the standard offer shown above if other terms have been arranged. 


    COSMO Advocates agree to general activity guidelines noted below and promoting COSMO regularly (social media timeline/profile posts, stories, reels, videos, blog posts, etc.) COSMO affiliates should target posting at least 1x or more per month and agree to also tag COSMO and use branded hashtags in all posts (#BetterTech, #MyFirstDevice, #cosmotogether).


    COSMO Advocates agree to allowing COSMO to reshare any content in which COSMO is tagged on any social platform (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) COSMO will request express permission before utilizing any affiliate’s shared content in paid advertising.


    Affiliates may use their own creativity when posting about COSMO, as long as it aligns with COSMO’s values and does not violate any of the “unacceptable practice” specifications below. COSMO will provide regularly updated template content via the COSMO Advocates Resources Library to help support affiliates’ efforts. Please feel free to recommend or reach out with content suggestions: [email protected]

    Acceptable Practices

    COSMO Advocates are allowed to use most marketing tactics when promoting their links/discounts. This includes pay-per-click (PPC) and affiliates may use PPC bidding on search engines but must ensure brand-based terms have been added as negative bids. Additionally, PPC bidding is not permitted on any brand-based terms and misspellings including, but not limited to COSMO, COSMO Technologies, COSMO Technologies, Inc, JrTrack, JrTrack Watch COSMO Kids Watch, JrTrack GPS watch, etc.

    Unacceptable Practices

    1. COSMO reserves the right to dismiss any Affiliate or disallow any conversion for any reason, including:

    • Posting their code on coupon sites

    • Duplicating a COSMO-advertised coupon code

    • Creating false advertisements intended to generate more engagement, clicks, etc.

    • Advertising incorrect / false messaging to generate a higher amount of clicks

    • Using spam-related tactics

    • Displaying, utilizing, or featuring any kind of inappropriate or explicit content

    • Using overtly negative, derogatory, racial, politically incorrect, or sexual terms

    2. Linking or claiming COSMO to be against, in-line, or affiliated with any of the following:

    • Views that are contradictory to COSMO’s standards or brand

    • Political or religious groups

    • Other telecommunication competitors

    COSMO reserves the right to edit this agreement for any reason and will provide Affiliates with proper notice. All COSMO Advocates will be asked to read and agree to these terms and conditions.

    Privacy Policy

    Please see the link below for the latest privacy policy information for COSMO Technologies.